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The behaviour of a cable system or model whose components interact in multiple ways to obtain one central high end performance.


Harnesses consistently dependable in character and performance.


Our composite wires and cables, PTFE tubing and flat flexible cables are designed to meet the severe constraints of the medical markets including biocompatibility, sterilization, antibacterial properties and resistance to handling from the medical staff and patients. Capable offers a broad range of micro coaxes and EMI solutions in this field.

Flat flexible cables, Miniature wires and cables, Picocoax, Tubing, Sterilisable, Antibacterial and biocompatible solutions

Areas of experience

Capable Micro Medical Connections offers specialized solutions regarding design, engineering and manufacturing of high-end customized cables for Medical and Industrial applications.

We apply a creative approach when developing products, providing engineering solutions for high-end products.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fine wire cable assembly up to AWG 42
  • Industrial and medical cables and physiologic electrodes
  • High and low volumes
  • Shielded and low-noise cable assemblies
  • In-house moulding of connectors and cables
  • OEM labelling and packaging

Customize eeg head caps, cable harness, connector assembling, fine wire processing, high end cable design, soldering fine wires, felt tip and bar electrodes, physiological recorders and more.

EMG, EEG, NCS, GSR, IOM, EP, Tremor, Neuro, Bio-feedback electrodes, Neuro-feedback electrodes, low noise cables, noise canceling electrodes, cast silver EEG electrodes, MFI EEG head caps, Tremor sensors, muscle stimulation, evoked potential recordings

Meet the new standard for EEG caps around the world

capable micro medical connections

Meets the highest demands in Neurophysiology

The BrainWave EEG head cap is designed to be used in any professional environment and is fit for many recording challenges. Thanks to innovative technology and exclusive usage of premium materials, the EEG cap meets even the highest demands of neurophysiology. You get the best signal results and ease of use that is available today.

BrainWave head caps come supplied with 1.8 meters of first-rate MFI cable and a wide range of connectors to fit any EEG recording system. Thanks to the effortless application, the cap is up and running in only a few minutes.

MFI, a brand of Capable Micro Medical Connections is an ISO 13485 certified company, has over 15 years experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of high-end miniature wire harnesses, moulding and fine wire soldering.

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Do you have any questions or do you want to start your own project?
Please contact our sales and engineering team by e-mail or phone

Contact us

Do you have any questions or do you want to start your own project?

Please contact our sales and engineering team by e-mail or phone