Sport & Entertainment


The behaviour of a cable system or model whose components interact in multiple ways to obtain one central high end performance.

Ultra strong

Constructions for an ultra-strength reinforced structure for unparalleled strength and durability.

Sport & Entertainment

With the rise of new communications technologies, the field of entertainment is increasing. Whether it's for gaming, filming or listening to music, the entertainment industry is changing fast. When you compare communication devices of the 1980's and todays, there's no doubt that devices which are currently manufactured are much smaller and have many more functions. When it comes to space saving, Capable engineers designs wires and composite cables small enough to save space in these compact electronic devises. The trend of miniaturisation also concerns harnesses that can be found in motion recording. Capable offers wires and cables for motion sensors including coaxial cables and miniature coaxial cables. 

board-to-board and board-to-display connection, micro-d connectors, (miniature) coaxial cables, flat flexible cables